Welcome to Interior & Facility Contracts

Why are we special?

We endeavour to understand what you, our Clients want. After discussing your requirements we start the designing process, with as many revisions and alternatives that are necessary.

Good design evolves from our dialogue with you - your knowledge of your business will mesh with our expertise to arrive at the right answer for your project.

We are knowledgeable

We excel with our understanding of products and materials that are on the market, this enables us to put together an all together more cost effective package whilst maintaining the theme of the proposal.

We are competitive

Our quotations are very competitive – more than 50% of our quotations become orders - an enviable record (most of those that are not ordered, do not go ahead for other reasons) We can always provide quotations for someone else's ideas, but we prefer to quote for our own. The difference is, - we make the proposal fit the budget.